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Current Specials
Beginning with VISA debit cards that expire on 10/31/16, all cards will include the latest chip technology. With chip technology comes an added layer of security and greater protection against fraud for purchases made at the point-of-sale. Information programmed into the chip is personalized for your account and each transaction is unique, adding a new safeguard against fraud. Your chip card will make traveling easier and more convenient with it's wide acceptance.
Our current fraud prevention methods will remain in place as well. Our fraud department may contact you if there is unusual or extensive activity on your debit card. They will call from phone number 877 253-8964. They will attempt to verify the most recent transactions on your debit card. They WILL NOT ask you for personal information, your card expiration date, or the three digit code on the back of your card. If there is an unauthorized debit to your account, contact us immediately and we will help you get your money back.